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Are you tired of harassing phone calls?  Do you screen your phone calls in case a bill collector is on the other end?  Are your wages being garnished?  Then bankruptcy may help.

Our attorneys have filed more bankruptcy cases than anyone else in Southeast Missouri since the laws changed in 2005.  We have the most experience in the area and exceed in the challenging cases.

We currently handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal and business bankruptcies.  We serve the following counties in Missouri: Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, St. Francois, Ste Genevieve, Stoddard and Wayne.  We serve the following counties in Illinois: Alexander, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Masaac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Saline, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, White and Williamson.

 Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions and creditor phone calls.  Bankruptcy is federally regulated and your creditors MUST abide by Bankruptcy laws.

We understand that you are in a financial crisis.  That is why we offer a FREE consultation.  Southeast Missouri is a large area and we are also willing to offer phone consultations for those who cannot make it for a face-to-face consultation.

Contact us today for your FREE Bankruptcy consultation (573) 332-1001!!!
  • Can I keep my house, car, and other personal property if I file bankruptcy?
Yes.  If you owe on your house and/or vehicles you will need to continue making the payments to keep those items.  If you are behind on the payments, ​you will need to start making payments after the bankruptcy. As far as your other personal property, most clients keep all of their property with no problems.  
  • How much does bankruptcy cost?
Our attorneys set the bankruptcy cost in the free initial consultation.  The court's filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is $335.00, and for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy the filing fee is $310.00 
  • Will my bankruptcy go through?
It is our experience that as long as you are telling the truth, your bankruptcy will go through.  However, if you are hiding or concealing assets, your bankruptcy will not go through.
  • How long does it take to file?
Your bankruptcy can be filed as quick as you want to.  Most of the time we can file your case the day after you turn you paperwork in.  ​
  • Do I have to be a legal US Citizen to file bankruptcy?
You do not have to be a US Citizen to file bankruptcy.  However, you should at least have a taxpayer ID number to file bankruptcy.​